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Complimentary Close


complementary close
Definition: A complimentary close, also known as a complimentary closing, is the term prior to your signature in an email message or letter. A complimentary close shows your respect and appreciation for the person who is considering the request in your letter or email.

When writing or emailing a cover letter or a business letter, it's appropriate to use a complimentary close. Common complimentary closings include:

Complimentary Close Examples

  • Respectfully,
  • Respectfully yours,
  • Sincerely,
  • Sincerely yours,
  • Yours sincerely,
  • Yours truly,
  • With appreciation,
  • With gratitude,

Signature With Complimentary Close Example

Sincerely Yours,

FirstName LastName
Email Address

Also Known As: complimentary closing

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