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Simply Hired is a job search engine that takes the hassle out of getting hired. If you know exactly what you are looking for, you can search by typing in a specific keyword(s) and location.

Or, if you are not quite sure what you want to do, you can search by category or browse jobs by title, by company, location or industry. If you already have a job, but want to know how it compares to other positions that are available, use SimplyHired to check out the job market.

SimplyHired Local Job Search
You can search your local area by using your zip code. Simply Hired provides you with data about the local job market as well as other statistics. By using this tool, you are able to get the facts about your area's employment and economy statistics.

View Your LinkedIn Connections on Simply Hired
Job seekers can connect directly from a SimplyHired.com job listing to their LinkedIn network to find out if they have contacts a company. Clicking on the "Who Do I Know" button at the top of the search results will give you an inline view of your connections without having to leave Simply Hired.

In addition, Simply Hired's "Share" feature enables job seekers to share job listings on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or via email.

View Your Facebook Friends on SimplyHired
Simply Hired's Facebook application provides a way for job seekers to view job openings at their friends' companies and to send messages to their friends at those companies to see if they can help with their job search.

SimplyHired.com International
SimplyHired's international job search engines include listings aggregated from the leading job boards, content websites, newspapers, organizations, and company career pages.

SimplyHired.com Telecommute
Use Simply Hired's "telecommute" search options to find work at home job listings from job boards, company web sites, and other sources.

Simply Salary
Curious about what your new job will pay or how your current income stacks up? By clicking this link, you can access Simply Hired's salary calculator and get the answers you are looking for. You can compare your current income with others both locally and nationally, or find a job that will help you earn the money that you really need.

SimplyHired.com Employment Trends
Simply Hired provides data from "Tens of millions of job listings and thousands of career websites". As a job searcher, you can use this information to help you research and compare trends in the US job market.

Job Search Tools
You will not have any excuses for missing a job opportunity with the ample list of tools Simply Hired provides for you. Check out all the different ways you can have the listing sent to you! Also, this page can help you find out more about how to utilize all the search options and tools SimplyHired.com has to offer.

Top Job Search Engines
Other job search engines sites you can use to search all the top job sites, as well as other sites that post job openings.

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