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How to Format an Email Message

How to Format an Email Message When You're Job Searching


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When you're sending an inquiry about a job or applying for a job, it's important to format your email as professionally as you would any other business letter.

Here's what to include when sending job search correspondence and the email message format you should use when you are sending employment related email messages.

Email Message Format

Subject Line

Don't forget to include a Subject Line in your email. If you forget to include one, your message probably isn't even going to get opened.


If you have a contact person, address your email to Dear Mr./Ms. LastName. If you don't, address your email to Dear Hiring Manager. Another option is to not include a salutation and to simply start with the first paragraph of your message.

Email Message

When you're applying for a job via email, copy and paste your cover letter into the email message or write your cover letter in the body of an email message. If the job posting asks you to send your resume as an attachment, send your resume as a PDF or a Word document.

When you're inquiring about available positions or networking, be clear about why you are writing and the purpose of your email message.

Format Your Email Message

Your email message should be formatted like a typical business letter - with spaces between paragraphs and with no typos or grammatical errors. Proofread it, just like you would any other correspondence.

Review this email message template and sample email messages to see what your message should look like.

Include an Email Signature

It's important to create an email signature and to include your signature with every message you send. Include your full name, your email address, and your phone number in your email signature, so the hiring manager can see, at a glance, how to contact you.

Job Search Email Etiquette
Job search email etiquette including what to write in your job search emails, how to format your email, how to make sure your email message is read, and sample job search email messages.

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