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What is the Difference Between a Job Board and a Job Search Engine?


What is the Difference Between a Job Board and a Job Search Engine?

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Question: What is the Difference Between a Job Board and a Job Search Engine?

What's the difference between a job board and a job search engine? It can be confusing to tell, but it's a good idea to know where the job listings you are finding online are coming from.

Job Boards

A job board is a website which posts jobs supplied by employers. Employers typically pay a fee to the job board in exchange for the opportunity to list their jobs on the site. For example, Monster the largest and best known job board, is a general board with postings across a broad range of industries.

Other more specialized, or niche oriented boards focus on a particular industry such as technology, higher education, outdoor, environmental, or healthcare jobs. Dice, for example, is the leading site for tech jobs.

Other niche boards cater to a segment of the job market like entry level jobs, summer jobs, or internships.

Job Search Engines

Job search engines scour the web and aggregate job listings from job boards and employer websites. Indeed and SimplyHired are two of the most popular job search engines and they collect millions of listings on their platforms. LinkUp searches through the websites of small, medium and large employers without including input from job boards.

Niche job search engines, like Green Job Bank or JobsOnTheMenu, collect jobs from various industry or career field specific sites.

Job Boards vs. Job Search Engines

You will find a wider variety of job postings on job search engines because they are listings from multiple sources. However, you may also have to look through duplicate listings and make sure the job vacancy is still available.

With job boards, companies have specifically listed their open positions and often accept job applications directly on the job board.

When job searching, it's important to use both job boards and job search engines, and a variety of sites, because no single site searches all job boards or employer sites.

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