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How Much Does a Retail Supervisor Earn?

Retail Supervisor Salaries


How Much Does a Retail Supervisor Earn?
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Retail Supervisors run departments at stores which sell all types of products to consumers. They establish standards for customer service, position displays, monitor inventory and note sales trends. First Line Supervisors of retail sales workers hire, train and evaluate staff who sell merchandise and stock shelves in their departments. They resolve customer complaints, make sure that items are accurately priced, and that advertised specials are appropriately promoted through displays.

Retail supervisors often manage the budget for their department. They also oversee the reconciliation of any registers if positioned within their department.

Retail Supervisor Salaries

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual income for First Line Supervisors of Retail Sales Workers was $36,280 in 2012. The bottom 10% of supervisors averaged $23,410 and the top 10% earned at least $61,940.

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