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How Much Does an Automotive Mechanic Earn?

Auto Mechanic Salaries


How Much Does an Automotive Mechanic Earn?
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Auto Mechanics interact with customers to obtain information about the problems which they are experiencing with their cars. Mechanics examine various systems within cars to diagnose problems. They run computerized diagnostic to help them identify components which might be malfunctioning.


Mechanics remove parts which are worn or not operating properly and replace them with new or used parts. They perform routine maintenance like oil, filter and belt changes according to the schedules established by various car manufacturers. Auto Mechanics explain repairs to customers and provide estimates in advance for unanticipated repairs.

Mechanics work in a variety of automotive service settings including car dealers, tire stores, oil changes operations, gas stations and full service repair shops. Some mechanics operate their own business and take on management functions such as setting prices, advertising and supervising staff.

Auto Mechanic Salaries

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, automotive service technicians and mechanics earned an average of $36,610 in 2012. The bottom 10% of automotive service technicians earned less than $20,810, while the top 10% earned at least $60,070.

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