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How Much Does an Air Traffic Controller Earn?

Air Traffic Controller Salaries


How Much Does an Air Traffic Controller Earn?
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 Air Traffic Controllers direct air traffic to avoid collisions and ensure safe travel.  They utilize radar equipment to monitor flight patterns.  Air traffic controllers analyze weather conditions on various routes and notify pilots regarding potential problem areas.  They modify flight plans based on atmospheric conditions and air traffic patterns.

 Air Traffic Controllers give detailed instructions regarding the take off and landing of aircraft.  They coordinate the flow of planes into and out of airports.   Air Traffic Controllers must make quick decisions with life and death consequences regarding the direction of aircraft.  Consequently the level of stress association with this profession is much higher than average.

Air Traffic Controllers Salaries

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Air Traffic Controllers earned an average of $122,530 in 2012. The top 10% of Air Traffic Controllers earned at least $171,340, while the bottom 10% earned less than $64,930.

Quick Facts: Air Traffic Controller (Occupational Outlook Handbook)

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