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Resignation & Job Loss

How to handle a job loss, including information on what to do when you are fired or laid-off, how to resign, and how to move on.
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How to Resign From a Job
When you resign from your job, it's important to resign gracefully and professionally. Give adequate notice to your employer, write a formal resignation letter, and be prepared to move on prior to submitting your resignation.

I Quit! How to Resign from Your Job
How to resign from your job, includes free sample resignation letters.

50+ Frequently Asked Questions About Resigning
Answers to the most frequently asked questions about resigning from a job.

Fired From a Job
You have been, or are about to be, fired from your job. Are you eligible for unemployment? What happens if you have been wrongfully discharged? What do you say in your cover letters and in job interviews? Here's what you need to know about employee rights when you are fired or otherwise terminated from employment.

50+ Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Fired
Answers for 50+ common questions about getting fired, including employee rights, unemployment, compensation and more frequently asked questions about termination.

How to Handle a Demotion
How to handle a demotion, including deciding to stay with your current employer, starting a job search and tips for moving on.

How to Handle a Layoff
What should you do when you receive notification of a layoff? First of all, you should check with your company on the benefits you may be entitled to when you leave. Then, it's important to file for unemployment insurance, and to make sure you have all the bases covered, so you can start a job search.

List of Reasons for Leaving a Job
Here's a list of reasons for leaving your job you can use to tell your manager why you're leaving and share with prospective employers. There's both good and bad reasons, which you shouldn't use, on the list.

Should You Quit With Notice?
Should you quit without notice or do you need to let your employer know when you are resigning? Here's when you need to give notice and when it's not acceptable.

Termination Questions and Answers
Answers to the most frequently asked questions about being terminated from a job.

What You Should Ask An Employer When You're Fired
When you are fired from a job there are questions you should ask your employer about the terms of your termination, severance pay, references and more.

Types of Separation from Employment
There are many different ways that you might be separated from your employer including termination, resignation, lay off and retirement. Here is a list of common types of separation from work.

Building Relationships as You Leave Your Job
Leaving your job can be a positive transition for everyone involved. You have the power to ensure that leaving your current employer strengthens your relationship and reputation rather than destroying it.

Dismissal from Employment
Dismissal from employment (also known as being “fired” or “let go”) is the termination of employment against the will of the employee.

Can Staying With a Company Hurt Your Career?
Information on when staying at a company can hurt your career, how long is too long to stay in a job, and how to handle moving on.

Employee Benefits When You Leave Your Job
Find out about the employment related benefits that you may be eligible for when you resign, get fired, or get laid-off from your job.

Employee Rights When Your Job is Terminated
When the economy slows, companies run into difficulties, businesses scale back their workforce, and layoffs increase.In fact, if you look at what has happened with major corporations, it's often not predictable. It's important to know what your rights as an employee are when you lose your job.

How Long Should An Employee Stay at a Job?
How long should an employee stay at a job? When can job hopping negatively impact your employment prospects? Here's information on when is a good time to change jobs.

How to Get Your Job Back
What can you do when you've quit your job, started a new position, and then discover that the new job isn't what you expected? What are your options when you're regretting leaving your old job and you really want it back? Here are tips for how to get your job back.

Job Loss Checklist
When you have lost your job, it's important to check on compensation due, benefits, references, and unemployment.

Job Loss Condolence Letter Writing Tips
When a family member, friend or colleague loses their job, it can be hard to know what to say. Even though it's probably not the easiest letter or email you have written, getting a supportive message means a lot to the person who has lost their job.

Leaving Your Job
Leaving your job including how to handle a termination or lay-off, how to resign, retirement, how to say goodbye to co-workers, along with sample letters and job loss advice.

Losing Your Job Quotes
Here's a list of quotes about losing your job.

Resignation Etiquette
When you tender your resignation from employment, paying attention to proper resignation etiquette is important, because how you leave your job can impact your future employment. Here are resignation etiquette tips and advice for resigning with class.

Termination is when an employee's job ends. Termination can be a voluntary termination of employment by the employee. Employment can also be involuntary - when an employee is terminated by the employer.

Severance Packages
Severance package information including what's included in a severance package, typical severance packages, and when you can negotiate a severance package.

Time to Move On?
You're tired all the time; you don't want to get out of bed in the morning; you can't concentrate at work anymore. Guess what, you could be one of millions of Americans that need to consider a job or career change.

How to Handle an Office Relationship
When business and pleasure get intertwined, it can cause trouble on the job. You don't want to have to start a job search because a romantic relationship at work caused you to lose your job.

Can You Get Fired Over the Phone?
Can you be fired over the phone? Here's information on when an employer can fire you by phone or voicemail and how to handle being terminated from your job.

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