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How to Find Job Listings

Looking for Jobs in all the Right Places


Where are the best places to find job listings online? You will certainly find numerous job listings on major job banks like Monster and CareerBuilder. However, every other job seeker is looking for positions on these job sites, too. So, be sure to check all the sites with job listings.

Monster, for example, has thousands of job postings. They also have millions of registered users, and millions of posted resumes. One recruiter I spoke to recently told me that he received close to four hundred resumes within a few days of posting on Monster. That's a lot of competition for every job!

Top Job Sites

This doesn't mean that job seekers shouldn't use the top job banks. What I am suggesting is that you should broaden your horizons and expand your job search. Utilize other resources to ensure you are accessing as many relevant openings as possible.

If you're a college student or college graduate ask your Career Services office if they partner with an entry level job site. If so, you'll find job listings targeted specifically to candidates from your institution.

Local Job Search Resources

If the new job you want needs to be in a specific geographic area, utilize the local resources for your city or region or the town where you want to be. Use the Jobs by State directory to find jobs in your location(s) of interest. The job search engine sites, including Indeed and Simply Hired, allow users to search the major job sites, company sites, associations and other online job sites by keyword and location. They will help you find listings in locations where you want to work - fast.

Niche Job Sites

Visit the sites that focus on a specific occupation. From jobs in Advertising to jobs at the Zoo and just about every vocation in between. You will find online resources relevant to your chosen career. Rreview our Jobs by Career Field section for the full list.

Looking for jobs in all the right places will increase your chances of both finding that perfect position and then getting hired to do the job!

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