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STAR Interview Technique

Use the STAR Interview Method to Prepare for Job Interviews


STAR Interview Technique

Use the STAR interview technique to prepare for job interviews.

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The STAR interview technique is utilized by interviewers to get concrete examples or proof that candidates possess the right experience and skills for a job. It's a behavioral interview method designed to evaluate an applicant's qualifications.

Job seekers can use the STAR interview method to prepare for job interviews.

The concepts in the acronym include:

  • Situation
  • Task
  • Action
  • Result

Situation: Interviewers ask candidates to describe the context within which a job was performed or a challenge at work was encountered.

Task: The interviewer then asks for a description of the individual's responsibility to deliver in that situation.  

Action: The action step involves a request for how the candidate completed the task or endeavored to meet the challenge.  

Result: Finally, the interviewer will ask about outcomes or results generated by the action taken. 

How to Prepare for a STAR Interview

Since you won’t know in advance what interviewing techniques your interviewer will be using, you’ll benefit from preparing several scenarios from the jobs you’ve held regardless of whether or not interviewers formally employ the STAR technique.  

Providing concrete examples of how a previous employer has benefited from your work activities is the most convincing approach to interviewing.  Examples also show the interviewer how and why you are qualified for the job. Think of examples as closely related to the job you’re interviewing for as possible.

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