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Types of Job Interviews

Types of job interviews including behavioral interviews, exit interviews, group interviews, phone and video interviews, second interviews, and dining interviews.
  1. Behavioral Job Interviews
  2. Informational Interviews
  3. Practice Interviews
  4. Retail Job Interviews
  5. Job Promotion Interviews (7)
  6. Video Interviewing (10)

Types of Job Interviews
There are a variety of types of interviews that employers conduct, including behavioral interviews, group interviews, phone and video interviews, second interviews, and even interviews held during a meal.

Different Types of Employment Interviews
There are a variety of different types of interviews that employers use to screen candidates for employment including behavioral interviews, group interviews, phone interviews, video interviews, second interviews, and dining interviews.

Behavioral Interviews
Does past performance predict future success? Proponents of behavioral interviewing agree that it does. Be prepared to respond with details, actions and results when participating in a behavioral interview.

Behavioral Job Interviews
Behavioral based job interviews are based on learning how the interviewee acted in specific employment-related situations. The logic is that past behavior will predict future performance. Here's information on behavioral job interviews, including behavioral job interview questions, how to prepare for a behavioral interview, and techniques and...

Case Interviews
A case interview is a job interview where the interviewee is given a business scenario and asked to manage the situation. Here's information on case interviews, how to prepare and how to answer this type of interview question.

Exit Interviews
An exit interview is a meeting between an employee who has resigned or been terminated and the company's Human Resources department.

Experience Interviews
An experience interview is designed to determine whether you have the right experience for the job for which you are interviewing. Here's information on experience interviews, how to prepare, plus sample interview questions.

Final Interviews
The final interview is the last interview you will have before finding out whether or not you will get a job offer. Here's how to prepare for a final interview.

First Interview
A first interview is typically the first step in the hiring process. A first interview is conducted to screen applicants to determine if they are qualified for the job for which the company is hiring.

Group Interviews
A group interview takes place when a candidate is interviewed by more than one interviewer at the same time. Alternately, it can mean that a group of candidates are interviewed at the same time by a hiring manger.

Informal Interviews
How to handle an informal interview with a recruiter, including how to prepare, what to wear, what to bring, questions to ask and how to follow up after a casual meeting with a prospective employer.

Informational Interviews
Informational Interview: How to conduct an informational interview, who to ask, and how it can help your job search.

Job Promotion Interview
When an employee is being considered for a promotion or applies for a new job within the company, they may be required to interview for the position.

Lunch and Dinner Interviews
Interviews are often stressful - even for job seekers who have interviewed many times. Interviewing can be even more stressful when you are expected to eat and talk at the same time. Here's how to survive a lunch or dinner interview.

Mock Interviews
A mock interview is a simulation of an actual job interview. Here's information on mock interviews and how they can help you prepare for a real interview.

On the Spot Interview
An on the spot job interview takes place either when you apply in-person for a job and you're asked to interview when you turn in the application or when an organization (typically retail or hospitality) announces they will be holding open interviews on a specific date.

Online Job Interviews
Here's information on how online job interviews work, how to practice for an online interview, and how to prepare for your interview.

Open Ended Interview
Open ended interview questions are typically used when the same questions are asked of all interviewees. In-depth responses are expected, along with a description or explanation. Here are open ended interview questions you may be asked, plus sample answers.

Open Job Interviews
An open job interview is an interview for employment where companies accept job applications and conduct interviews during a ranges of times when all applicants who are interested in applying can attend.

Out-of-Town Job Interviews
Traveling for an interview? Don't let the stress of travel jeopardize your interview success. Here are interview tips for acing an out of town job interviews.

Panel Job Interviews
A panel job interview takes place when an applicant for employment is interviewed by a panel of interviewers.

Phone Interviews
While you're actively job searching, it's important to be prepared for a phone interview on a moment's notice. You never know when a recruiter or a networking contact might call and ask if you have a few minutes to talk.

Pre-Interview Questionnaire
A pre-interview questionnaire is used by an employer to get further information about a job applicant prior to a job interview.

Screening Interview
A screening interview is a type of job interview that is conducted to determine if the applicant has the qualifications needed to do the job for which the company is hiring.

Second Interview
A second round interview is an interview held after a screening interview. Second round interviews typically involve more detailed interview questions about the applicant, their qualifications, and their ability to perform for the company.

Second Interview Tips
When you have a second interview it's as important to prepare as it was for the first round. Here are tips for acing a second interview.

Second Interviews
Second interview tips and advice, second interview questions and answers, questions to ask the interviewer, and how to follow up after a second interview.

Semi-Structured Interview
A semi-structured interview is a flexible interview in which the interviewer does not follow a formalized list of questions.

Situational Interview
A situational interview is a job interview where a candidate is asked specific questions about what may happen on a job. The candidate is asked to assess a situation and to provide solutions on how he or she would handle it.

STAR Interview Technique
Information on the STAR interview technique and how it can be used to prepare for job interviews.

Stay Interview
A stay interview is designed to discover why a current employee continues to work for the company, what motivates them, and why they stay with the organization.

Stress Interview
A stress interview is designed to determine how a job applicant reacts under pressure.

Structured Interview
A structured interview format is a standardized method of comparing job candidates. A structured interview format is typically used when an employer wants to assess and compare candidates impartially.

Third Interviews
Third interview tips and advice including questions employers ask during a second interview, how to make the best impression during the interview, and how to follow up after a third interview.

Types of Interview Questions
When you go on a job interview there are a variety of types of interview questions you'll be asked. Review the different types of interview questions you will be asked, as well as sample answers.

Unstructured Interview
An unstructured interview is a job interview in which questions may be changed based on the interviewee’s responses.

Video Interview Tips
Job video interview tips and suggestions, including advice how to successful interview for employment via video.

Video Job Interviews
Video interviews, including how video interviewing works, and how you can interview successfully via online video.

What is a Behavioral Interview?
What is a behavioral interview? Behavioral interviews are based on the premise that a person's past performance on the job is the best predictor of future performance. Here's information on behavioral interviews and the types of interview questions you'll need to respond to.

Funny Interview Questions
Have you ever been asked a funny interview question? Here is a list of funny, strange, and uncomfortable interview questions from Glassdoor.

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