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How to Follow Up On the Status of a Job Application


How to Follow Up On the Status of a Job Application Copyright Karen Roach
Candidates will understandably be eager to find out where they stand after submitting a job application. However, it's important to realize the hiring process can take some time and you may not hear back right away. In addition, you may not be able to follow up if you don't have a contact at the company or can't call or stop by. In those cases, you won't have options for following-up.

Here's when and how to follow up on the status of a job application.

How to Long to Wait to Follow Up

It is usually best to wait a week or two before making an inquiry. If you have an email address for a contact, then you might send a email follow up message reaffirming your strong interest in a job and mentioning that you would welcome the opportunity to meet for an interview. A LinkedIn message is another option for following up.

If you have a phone number, you can call. Mention a few key reasons why you are so interested and point out why the job is a great fit. If the company is not ready to interview, ask when they plan to begin interview process so you will know when to follow up again.

In-Person Follow Up

It is also acceptable to stop by an employer in-person when you have previously dropped off an application. You can mention that you are following up on your application and wondering if they might consider granting you an interview. You should be ready to briefly mention the basis for your interest and why you would be qualified. Make sure that you ooze positive energy, are dressed appropriately and engage any employees in a warm and friendly manner.

When to Give Up

Following up on an application in the right way can draw attention to your candidacy and make it more likely that you won't be overlooked. However, it is important not to pester an employer since you might alienate staff. In general, don't contact an employer more than three times and leave a couple weeks in between overtures unless the employer has suggested otherwise.

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