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Employment Application Form

Tips for Filling Out Employment Applications


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Job Application Information:

An employer application form may be required by an employer even though you have sent in a resume and a cover letter. An employer application will definitely be required if you are applying in person or online for a job opening.

Practice makes Perfect

Download a free blank employment application sample and practice filling it out. That way you can be sure you have all the information you need, in advance.

If you are applying for a position in person, ask for an employment application form, then take it home with you to complete. You can take your time filling it out so it will be neat and tidy, as well as accurate.

Online Employment Applications

Remember that employment applications for many companies are available online. For example, a Wal-Mart Employment Application can be completed online for available positions with Wal-Mart. Other large employers offer a similar service. In fact, some employers no longer accept paper applications and require applications to apply via their company web site or the site where they have posted job openings.

Check the Web

Check the company web site for application instructions before you put a resume in the mail, because the most important rule to remember when completing an employment application is to follow the directions. When the company says no phone calls, don't call. Alternately, if the job posting says to apply in person, do just that. If an application is required, complete one. Don't question the request by stating you have already submitted a resume.

Follow Directions

Take a few moments to thoroughly read and digest the instructions for applying for employment, then follow the directions. The employer will regard applications that are submitted correctly and accurately in a much better light than those from candidates who don't follow the instructions.


Employment Applications
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