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Librarian Interview Questions


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Review a list of interview questions for librarians.

Librarian Interview Questions

Describe a particularly stressful or chaotic situation at the reference desk and tell me how you handled the incident.

Tell me about a job you held where you had to multitask. How did you handle successfully completing each task?

Tell me about a time when you had a conflict with a coworker. How did you handle the situation? What would you have done differently?

What would you do if you were unsure of how to answer a reference question?

Imagine you heard a staff member provide a patron with an incorrect answer. What would you do?

What would you do if you were assisting a person at the reference desk and the telephone rang?

How would you integrate technology into your work with teens and children?

How would you recommend promoting reading for secondary school children? Name two books you have read within the past two months and describe one of them as though you were recommending it to a patron.

Do you have any experience with audio-visual materials?

Do you have any experience with setting up displays?

Tell me about a team or group project you have worked on and how you contributed to it.

Tell me about a presentation you recently gave at work or school. How did you prepare for the presentation?

General Job Interview Questions
In addition to job specific interview questions, you will also be asked more general questions about your employment history, education, strengths, weaknesses, achievements, goals and plans. Here's a list of the most common interview questions and examples of answers.

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