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Home Health Aide Interview Questions


Home Health Aide Interview Questions

Home Health Aide

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Review a list of frequently asked interview questions for home care aides and home health aides.

Home Health Aide Interview Questions

Why are you interested in care giving?

What type of diagnoses have you cared for in the past?

Imagine that your shift ends at 2 p.m. and your replacement hasn't arrived by 2:15 p.m. How would you handle the situation?

How do you handle patients that are characteristically upset and/or difficult?

How would you handle a patient that resists your care?

After an extremely demanding day with a patient, a family member comes home and criticizes your work. How do you handle this?

Please explain in detail how you would appropriately transfer a patient from a bed to a wheelchair.

How do you keep a family informed of a patient's progress and well-being?

Have you ever cared for someone in a condition similar to this patient? Is there any aspect of this patient's condition that makes you uncomfortable? Are there any tasks required of this position that you are uncomfortable or unwilling to do?

Are you willing to do household chores such as cooking or light housekeeping?

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