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Electrician Interview Questions


Electrician at work
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Review a list of frequently asked interview questions for electricians.

Electrician Interview Questions

How many years have you been working in the industry? How and where did you receive your training?

Describe some recent projects you have worked on.

Describe the electrical systems you have worked on and are familiar with.

Do you specialize in any specific areas of electrical work?

What do you do to protect yourself from electrical accidents or injuries?

Describe a time when you had a problem you could not figure out and you had to find a solution on your own.

If you were in a room with 3 light switches and the room next door had 3 light bulbs, how would you find out which 3 switches controlled the 3 bulbs if you could only go in the next room once?

What does "PPE" stand for? How important is safety on the job?

What is CSA approval?

What does a fuse or breaker do? What are the differences between the two?

What does "14-2" mean?

General Job Interview Questions
In addition to job specific interview questions, you will also be asked more general questions about your employment history, education, strengths, weaknesses, achievements, goals and plans. Here's a list of the most common interview questions and examples of answers.

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