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Job Offers

How to handle job offers including information and advice on evaluating jobs offers, counter offers, revoked job offers, and accepting and rejecting a job offer.

Job Offers
Advice on how to handle job offers including evaulating job offers, negotiating a better salary, accepting or declining the offer, and what to do if the company rescinds the offer.

How to Evaluate a Job Offer
When you receive a job offer, it's important to take the time to carefully evaluate the offer so you are making an educated and informed decision to accept, or to reject, the offer. The last thing you want to do is make a hasty decision that you will regret later on.

Accept a Job Offer
How to formally accept a job offer by sending a job acceptance letter.

Reject a Job Offer
When you have decided to reject a job offer, you may want to let the employer know via email that you are turning down the job offer. Here's an example of an email message rejecting a job offer.

Can You Turn Down a Job Offer When Collecting Unemployment?
Information on when you can turn down a job offer while you are collecting unemployment.

How to Turn Down a Job Offer
When you receive a job offer that isn't what you expected, you may be able to negotiate a better offer or you may decided to turn it down. Here's how to turn down a job offer.

How to Withdraw from Consideration for a Job
How to withdraw from consideration for a job with an email or with a phone call, plus a sample letter to use to withdraw.

When To Turn Down a Job Offer
When is it a good idea to turn down a job offer? Here's information on reasons to decline a job offer, as well as advice on when to say you're not interested.

What To Do When a Job Offer is Put on Hold
What to do when you have been given a job offer, but the employer puts it on hold.

Counter Offers
How much leeway do you have when you have received a job offer? What's the best way to make a counter offer? When should you stop negotiating and accept or reject a salary offer? Here's advice on how to make a counter offer, plus sample counter offer letters.

Job Offer Checklist
This job offer checklist will help you evaluate a job offer to make sure that the position is the right new job for you.

Job Offer Letter Samples
What's the best way to accept a job offer or reject a job offer? What type of job offer letter will you receive if you are offered a job? How do you say thank you for a job offer? How do you write a letter to withdraw your application? Review job offer letter samples to fit a variety of circumstances.

How to Evaluate Offers for Your First Job
How to evaluate your first job offers, including questions to ask the employers, how to determine if the job is a good fit, how to evaluate salary, and more information on evaluating a job offer.

Ask Alison: Which Job Offer Should I Take?
How to decide between two job offers for similar positions.

Salary Negotiations
Have you been offered a new job? If so, what's the best way to conduct salary negotiations? Here's how to research and negotiate a salary and compensation package, so, you're paid what you're worth.

Revoked Job Offers
What rights do those whose job offers have been revoked have, what recourse is there, and what happens to signing bonuses or advances once an offer has been rescinded.

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