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What is an Interview?


What is an Interview?

Job Interview

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Question: What is an Interview?
Not sure what is involved when you are selected for an interview? There are several types of job interviews applicants may be required to participate in as part of the hiring process to select new employees.
Answer: An interview is a meeting between an applicant for employment and a company representative to determine if the candidate is qualified for a job, an internship or a volunteer opportunity. Even if a position is an unpaid internship or a volunteer position, the organization will still conduct interviews to select the best candidate(s) for the opportunity.

Interviews can be held in-person, conducted over the phone, or conducted via video or Skype.

The interview process depends on the company, the position they are hiring for, and the pool of candidates who have applied for the job.

In some cases, selected candidates are offered the position after one interview. In other cases, the process is longer and may involve more interviews with Human Resources representatives, different levels of management and potential colleagues.

Types of Job Interviews

There are a variety of types of job interviews that employers may conduct, including behavioral interviews, group interviews, phone and video interviews, second interviews, and restaurant interviews.

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