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Winning Interview Skills

A Guide to Successful Interviewing


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So, you have landed an interview for a seemingly wonderful job! Now what? Successful interviewing will be essential in order for you to lock in an offer. Here are some tips and strategies for effective interviewing from preparation through delivery. Let's start with an overview of the keys to positive interviewing.

Learn and Practice

Knowing as much as possible about the company can make your interview more interactive and could be just what you need to get ahead in a competitive job market. Next, practice answering typical interview questions so you'll be prepared and comfortable during the actual interview. Plan on what you are going to wear ahead of time. Also, make sure you know where you're going and give yourself plenty of time so you can arrive ahead of schedule.

Interviewing Help

Need more help? Review our interviewing section. Many of today's recruiters have adopted behavioral interviewing as their preferred method of screening candidates. Learn how to prepare for this common interviewing approach by reviewing Behavioral Based Interviewing.

Employer Research

Gathering background information on employers is crucial element for successful interview preparation. Review prospective employers websites, especially the About This Company section and don't be afraid to request details on the position you are interviewing.

Mistakes! Want to avoid some of the typical interviewing blunders? Review these Top Interview Blunders.

Money! Money! Money! Visit our Salary Center for salary survey information in a broad array of fields. This data will provide you with the information you need to discuss salary offers. You'll also find tips for successful handling those salary negotiations.

Practice Makes Perfect (or at least leads to improvement). See if you can schedule a mock interview. Your local State Employment Services offices may be able to help with a practice interview. Or practice with a friend and tape your responses so you can replay the interview and see how well you did. Prepare answers to commonly asked interview questions. Doing so will help you analyze your background and qualifications for the position. Finally, try and relax!

Interview Resources

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