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Teen Interview Tips

Successful Interviewing for Teens


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The key to successful teen interviewing is to do exactly what a professional candidate for employment would do. That's the best way to make a positive impression on a prospective employer and to enhance your chances of the getting the job.

I worked with a teen going on her first interview for a volunteer position, and she got a job offer on the spot. Why was it so easy? She dressed appropriately, answered questions in an informed manner, had questions to ask the interviewer, and, in general, made a very good impression on the interviewer. These teen interview guidelines will help you make just as good an impression:

Teen Interview Attire
The most important rule for teen interviewing is to dress appropriately.

What Not to Wear on a Teen Job Interview
Unfortunately, the clothes you might wear everyday to the mall, or out with friends, usually aren't suitable for an interview.

Teen Interview Questions
Review typical teen interview questions and answers and practice your responses before you go. Ask a family member or friend to ask you some questions, so you can practice your answers.

Video: Job Interview Tips for Teens
For any job interview, it's important to impress the interviewer from the moment you arrive. Learn what you should and should not do during the interview so you can avoid embarrassing faux pas!

Be Prepared
Don't just show up for the interview. The more information you have prepared in advance, the better impression you will make on the interviewer. Take the time to get working papers (if you need them) and references, before you start looking for a job. Bring the following with you to the interview:

Be Polite
It's essential to have good manners when interviewing. Shake your interviewer's hand. Don't sit until you are invited to. Don't slouch in your chair. Don't use slang or swear. Be polite, positive, and professional throughout the interview.

Know Your Schedule
Know what days and hours you are available to work. The employer will ask. Flexibility is definitely an asset, because the more time you are available, the easier it is for the employer to set a work schedule. Also know how you are going to get to and from work, if you don't drive.

Be on Time
Arrive at the interview site a few minutes early. If you're not sure where to go, get directions ahead of time. If you don't have a driver's license, make sure you have a ride.

Go on Your Own
If your mom or dad brings for you an interview, don't bring them into the interview room with you. Go by yourself. It's important that you speak for yourself and connect with the interviewer, without someone else's assistance.

Send a Thank You Note
Take a few minutes to thank the person who interviewed you. If you have an email address, send an email thank you note, otherwise send a paper note thanking the interviewer for taking the time to meet with you.

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