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Job Previews


Job Previews
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Job previews introduce job applicants to the work they would be doing on the job if they were to be hired. The previews often require applicants to "audition" for the position by performing duties that would be required of them. Some job previews also include tours of the office, multiple interviews, video tutorials, testimonies, and tests.

Why Companies Offer Job Previews

Companies provide job previews in order to save money and time, and retain employees, especially in industries suffer from high employee turnover rates. Turnover results in time and money wasted on recruiting, interviewing, and training people who are not right for the job.

By introducing job applicants to the realities of the job, both good and bad, employers hope to weed out employees who would likely quit within the first few months of the job.

When Companies Offer Job Previews

Job previews are ideal for applicants with little experience in the field, and for jobs with numerous or unclear expectations. Higher-level positions typically do not necessitate job previews, because applicants are usually experienced in the industry, and familiar with the expectations.

Job previews may be conducted as part as the applicant screening or hiring process, as part of the interview process to further evaluate applicants, or they may be offered in conjunction with a job offer. In either case, a job preview gives applicants an opportunity to get a real sense of what the job is like, prior to accepting an offer and coming on board.

Use the Preview to Evaluate a Job Offer

If you are invited for a job preview remember that it's not only an opportunity for a company to further evaluate you for the job. It's also an opportunity for you to take a closer look at the company and the position. You can use that information to help you evaluate a job offer and decide whether or not to accept the job.

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