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Job Interview Question: Why Do You Want to Work Here?


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A typical interview question, asked to ensure that you are seriously interested in the job and the company, and to find out how much you know about the company, is "Why do you want to work here?"

Check Out the Company

The best way to answer this question is, first of all, to be prepared and knowledgeable about the company. Spend some time researching the company (the About Us section of the employer's website is a good place to start) so you can talk about the benefits of working for this employer.

Check out the company's LinkedIn page, as well. If you have a connection at the company, ask them if you can get some insight into what the company is seeking in an ideal employee.

Compare Your Goals to the Job

Compare your goals with the objectives of the company and the position, then reiterate why you would be an asset to the employer. Let the interviewer know what you can do for the company, if you get a job offer.

Even though the question is about why you want to work here, you still need to convince the interviewer that hiring you will benefit the company.

Here are sample answers you can use to frame your own response:

  • This company is internationally known for its (widgets), and my experience in the (marketing/planning/production/etc.) of (widgets) has me intrigued by the opportunity this position presents.
  • The businesses in this area are known for their commitment to the community, and I would like the opportunity to participate in making this a better place to live.
  • I am a (widget) connoisseur, and would love the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for (widgets) with customers.

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