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Job Interview Question: What Do You Know About This Company?


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Take the time to research the company prior to a job interview.

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A typical job interview question, asked to find out how much company research you have conducted, is "What do you know about this company?"

Prepare in advance, and in a word, research, so you can provide relevant and current information about your prospective employer to the interviewer.

Research the Company

Start by researching the company online. Review the "About Us" section of the company website.

If you're a college graduate check with the Career Office at your school to see if you can get a list of alumni who work for the company. That's an ideal way to get an insider's view of the employer, and to get information that might not be available elsewhere.

Check the company's LinkedIn page and the company website to review information provided by the employer. Also check to see if you have any connections at the company who can provide you with insight and advice.

Visit the company's Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages to see what information the company is promoting and sharing. You'll be able to pick up tidbits of information that you may be able to use during the interview.

Search Google News for the company name so you can find the most current information available on your prospective employer.

Also research the people who will be interviewing you. Review their LinkedIn profiles and Google them to see what information you can find. The more you can discover, the more comfortable you will be talking with them.

Create a List

Use the information you have gathered to create a bulleted list of relevant information that you can easily remember during the interview. Taking the time to research will help you make a good impression with how much you know about the company.

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