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Pre-Interview Questions


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In some cases, you'll be interviewed for a job even before you have an actual interview with a hiring manager. Pre-interview questions are used as part of the hiring process by some employers to determine if you will be selected for an interview or to gather information if you already have an interview scheduled.

The reason companies use pre-interview questionnaires is to get more information about a candidate prior to a job interview. Pre-interview questions are typically sent to candidates by email or the applicant may be asked to fill out an online form to respond to the questions.

Types of Pre-Interview Questions

You may be asked about the same information that is on your resume and/or the job application you submitted. Be sure you respond in a way that is consistent with the information you gave when you applied for the job.

Some of the questions you may be asked will be the same type of questions you are asked during an actual in-person or phone interview. Review these common job interview questions, so you are prepared to respond.

You may also be asked questions related to your expectations regarding the job and your availability for work:

  • Is there anyone that you would like to meet or talk to during your visit for an interview?
  • May I contact the references you listed on your job application?
  • What is the minimum starting salary that you will accept for this position?
  • What is your availability? When could you begin work if you were hired?
  • What decision criteria will you use to decide whether you will accept this job offer, if it is offered to you?
  • What other companies have you applied to recently?
  • Where did you see our job posting?
  • Would you be willing to participate in a telephone interview?

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