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Mock Interview Questions

Examples of Mock Interview Questions


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The questions asked during a mock interview are typically the more general employer interview questions that are asked during a first round or screening interview.

However, for candidates who know what type of position, career field or industry they are interested in, job specific interview questions may be asked.

If you are using a mock interview to prepare for a job interview you have scheduled with a company, the interviewer may be able to ask you actual questions that are asked by hiring managers at the company. Glassdoor.com has company interview questions contributed by site visitors for many companies.

When you schedule a mock interview with your college career center or a career coach, provide them with as much information as possible about your interests and goals. The more information the counselor has, the better able he or she will be to tailor the questions to fit the actual interviews you will have.

For example, if you are searching for a tech job, the interviewer can ask a series of tech interview questions to familiarize you with the types of questions that will be asking and to help you frame good responses.

If you're interviewing for a summer job, as another example, the interviewer can ask you the same questions you will be asked by the people who hire for summer position.

Do take the time to prepare responses to the questions you will be asked during a mock interview. This is an opportunity to practice interviewing and to make sure that you have the interview skills to make the best impression on your interview.

Mock Interview Questions

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