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Job Interview Questions With Answers

Sample Interview Questions and Answers


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One of the most important parts of getting ready for a job interview is to prepare responses for the typical interview questions you will be asked. Taking the time to review job interview questions and sample answers will help you interview more confidently and you'll impress the interviewer with your knowledge and expertise.

Job Interview Questions and Answers
Common job interview questions, plus sample answers you can use to practice for a job interview.

Types of Interview Questions
When you go on a job interview there are a variety of types of interview questions you'll be asked. You'll be asked about your employment history, your ability to work on a team, your leadership skills, your motivation, as well as other interview questions related to your skills and abilities.

Interview Questions Listed by Job
The better prepared you are to answer the specific questions that are related to the job for which you are applying, the more successful your interview will be. Here are interview questions for a variety of different types of positions.

Top 10 Interview Questions
There are questions that employers commonly ask at job interviews and it's important to be prepared to respond to those interview questions. Review the top 10 interview questions you'll most likely be asked at a job interview, plus the best answers.

Tough Interview Questions
These are some of the more difficult interview questions that you may be asked on a job interview.

Behavior Based Interview Questions
In addition to being ready to standard interview questions, be prepare for behavior based interview questions.

Job Promotion Interview Questions
When you're interviewing for a job promotion, many of the interview questions you will be asked are standard interview questions. In addition, you'll be expected you will be asked specific questions related to the company, your role within the company, and the job you are applying for.

Questions to Ask the Interviewer
Have an interview question or two of your own ready to ask the interviewer. You'll show that you're prepared and you can use the responses to help determine whether this job is a good fit.

Top 10 Interview Questions to Ask the Employer
Review the top 10 interview questions to ask an employer during a job interview. That way you'll be prepared to ask questions and you'll be able to get as much insight as possible into the position and the employer.

Questions About Being Fired
If you were fired from your job, you will need to be ready to answer as to why you were fired. Here are sample answers you can use to respond.

Illegal Interview Questions
Federal and state laws prohibit prospective employers from asking certain questions that are not related to the job they are hiring for.

Interview Questions Employers Should Not Ask
There are some interview questions, typically known as illegal interview questions, that employers should not ask during a job interview. Here are questions that shouldn't be asked during a job interview and how to respond if you're asked inappropriate questions.

Entry Level Job Interview Questions
The interview questions that hiring managers ask entry level candidates will typically be focused on why you are interested in the job and why the company should hire you. Review these entry level interview questions and consider how you would answer, so you're ready to respond during the job interview.

Manager Interview Questions
When you are being interviewed for a management position, the interviewer will want to know about your experience, your management style, what you have accomplished in the past, and what your expectations are for the future.

Retail / Customer Service Interview Questions
These are questions you may be asked on an interview for a retail or customer service position.

Nurse Job Interview Questions
Here are questions you might be asked during a nurse job interview, suggested answers, what to wear to a nursing job interview, and medical job interview tips.

Teacher Job Interview Questions
Questions you might be asked during a teacher job interview, suggested answers, and advice for acing a teacher job interview.

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