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What to Wear to a Retail Job Interview


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What to Wear to a Department Store Interview
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For a department store interview, you really can't go wrong by wearing business attire, especially in a large city, or if you are applying to the high end departments such as jewelry or formal wear. Men should wear a suit or dress slacks and jacket, shirt, tie, dark socks and dress shoes. Women should wear a suit or an ensemble of a skirt, dress slacks, or dress with a jacket, blouse, hosiery and closed toe shoes.

In more casual geographic locations and departments, business casual is acceptable, but stay on the formal side, and conservative. Men can wear dress slacks with a shirt and tie (skip the jacket), dark socks and dress shoes or loafers. Women can choose from a skirt (not too short), slacks, blouse, sweater, twinset, hosiery and closed toe shoes.

Everyone should bring a briefcase or portfolio for papers, a pen (make sure it works), and breath mints. Women should keep their purse small, and their make up, hair style, and jewelry conservative.

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