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What to Wear to a Retail Job Interview


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What To Wear to an Interview With a Large Retail Store
What to Wear to a Retail Job Interview
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When interviewing with a large retailer for a non-managerial level position, you should dress in business casual attire. No sneakers, no flip-flops, no jeans, no hats or caps, no sweatshirts, no t-shirts with writing.

Men can choose from dress slacks or chinos, button down or polo shirt, socks, and dress shoes or loafers. Women can choose from a skirt (not too short) or slacks, blouse, sweater, twinset, or polo shirt, and closed toe shoes.

Men and women should bring a briefcase, portfolio, or folder for papers, a working pen, and breath mints. Hair, make up, purse, and jewelry for women.

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