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What to Wear to a Work from Home Interview


What to Wear to a Work from Home Interview
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Even if the job you are interviewing for is a work from home position, you may be required to attend an in-person job interview or a video interview at the company's office. Or you may be asked to interview via Skype.

What to Wear to a Work from Home Interview

What to wear to an interview for a work from home position will depend on what you would wear in the same position in an office. If the position would require a suit in the office, you should wear a suit to the interview. It is rarely a mistake to dress better and more conservatively than you think you should for an interview.

Men who choose a suit should keep the color and tie conservative, the shirt white or pastel, socks dark, and shoes polished. Women will choose a skirt, pant, or dress suit, conservative blouse, hosiery, and closed toe pumps.

Business Casual Interview Attire

Many times, you can wear business casual to your interview for a work from home position. Men can choose from dress slacks or chinos, button down shirt, tie and jacket optional, dark socks, and dress shoes.

Women can choose from a skirt or dress slacks, blouse, sweater, or twinset, jacket optional, hosiery, and closed toe shoes. Hair, make up, and jewelry should be neat and conservative.

Piercings and tattoos should be minimized. Perfume or cologne should be avoided.

Interview Accessories

Bring a briefcase or portfolio with your resume, a pad, a working pen, and some breath mints.

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