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What to Wear to a Hospitality Interview


What to Wear to a Hospitality Interview
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When preparing for an interview for a hospitality position, choosing the correct outfit to wear is as important as remembering your resume, and a pen that works.

As a hospitality employee, you will likely spend a lot of time interacting with the public, and your prospective employer needs to know that you will represent his or her establishment in a professional, capable, polite and friendly manner.

Even if you will wear a uniform at work or you are interviewing for a behind the scenes position such as kitchen staff you will need to present a professional, clean, and friendly appearance.

What to Wear to a Hospitality Interview

Business casual is appropriate for a hospitality interview for all but management and executive management positions.

Men should wear dress slacks or chinos, a button down or collared shirt, optional jacket, dark socks, and dress shoes or loafers.

Women can choose from dress slacks or a conservative length skirt, blouse, sweater, or twinset, jacket optional, and closed toe shoes.

Hair, make up, jewelry, and purse should be conservative.

Men and women should both carry a briefcase or portfolio with their resume, a pad of paper, a working pen, and some breath mints to finish the moment before the interview begins. Piercings should be minimized, and tattoos should be covered where possible, to present the most professional appearance. Neatness and cleanliness are a priority, and leave the cologne off.

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