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Interview Attire

How to dress for an interview and for employment including business attire and business casual attire.
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How to Dress for an Interview
How to dress for a job interview - the appropriate attire for an interview for employment.

How to Dress for Success
A quick guide to dressing for an interview.

Interview Attire
How to dress for an interview including advice on what, and what not, to wear on a job interview, appropriate interview attire, how to impress a prospective employer, business vs. business casual attire, and tips on dressing for success.

Interview Accessories
When you dress for an interview, how you accessorize is important. Here's information on interview accessories and what to wear - and what not to wear - for a job interview.

What to Bring to an Interview
What should you bring to a job interview? It's important to go on a job interview prepared with everything you need organized and ready to go. On the flipside, there are some things that you shouldn't walk into an interview with. Here's what to bring to a job interview.

What to Wear on an Interview
Dressing for Success: What to wear on an interview, how to dress, and what is not appropriate interview attire.

What Not to Wear on an Interview
What not to wear on a job interview - inappropriate attire for an interview for employment.

A Second Look at First Impressions
No matter how good you look on paper, everything you do from how you treat each member of the interview team, to what youre wearing, to what you say or dont say during the interview is noted, and taken into account in the hiring decision.

Androgynous Interview Attire
A guide to androgynous interview business clothing for individuals seeking a more gender-neutral look.

Business Attire
What to wear when you need to dress in professional business attire.

Business Casual
What to wear when you need to dress in business casual attire.

Business Casual Attire
When interviewing for a professional position, it's always important to dress in your best business attire, regardless of the dress code of the organization.

College Job Interview Attire for Men
You can probably get away with wearing pajamas to your 8 A.M. class, but that won't fly in a job interview. Here's what to wear to a college job interview for men.

College Student Interview Attire
Interview attire for college students interviewing for a job or internship. How to decide what to wear, including business attire and business casual attire, plus how to make the best impression on your potential employer.

High School Interview Attire

How to Tie a Tie
Tips and suggestions on how to tie a tie and ace a job interview.

How to Use Nonverbal Communication to Impress
Nonverbal communication is as important as verbal communications, especially when interviewing for employment. Your nonverbal communication will be evaluated as carefully as your interview answers.

Interview Attire - Non-Professional Jobs
When you're interviewing for a non-professional level position (in a store or restaurant, for example) business casual attire is usually appropriate. Here's what to wear.

Interview Attire for Disadvantaged Job Seekers
Dressing professionally for an interview is really important. How you dress can make, or break, your chances of getting a job offer. What do you do when you can't afford interview attire? There are organizations that can help disadvantaged job seekers dress appropriately for an interview and prepare to interview effectively.

Interview Attire: Internships
Whether you're interviewing in a formal environment, at a casual workplace, or at a startup company, this guide to interview attire will help you get started planning just what to wear to an interview fr an internship. Here's what to wear to an internship interview, for both men and women.

Interview Fashion Faux-Pas
A big part of getting a job is making a good first impression, and a big part of making a good first impression is how you dress. While you don't have to spend a lot of money on your wardrobe, putting in a little extra effort will pay off in the long run. Before your next interview, make sure you aren't making any interview attire mistakes....

Interview Outfits for Men
Don't worry - you don't have to spend a lot of money or pour through fashion magazines to figure out what to wear to your interview. Fortunately, mens' fashion is relatively straightforward. Using a few basic pieces, it's easy to put together an outfit that is stylish, professional and tasteful.

Interview Outfits for Women
Dressing for success is an important part of the interview process. If you need some inspiration for interview attire, browse through the gallery of interview outfit for women to get an idea of what to wear to an interview.

Job Interview Attire
The first impression a prospective employer has of you should not be just a good one, but, a great one. The candidate dressed in a suit, with a coordinated long sleeve shirt or blouse, conservative shoes, a professional hairstyle, and limited jewelry and perfume or aftershave, will make the best impression.

Part - Time / Teen Job Interview Attire
Applying for a part-time job is a little different from applying for a full-time professional position. Dress should be, at the least, neat and tidy. Business casual is usually appropriate.

Startup Casual Attire
Startup casual is a type of dress usually worn by the employees of a small startup company.

Startup Casual Interview Attire
As online companies and other innovative startups start to grow, a new definition of business attire has sprung forth, too: startup casual.

Stylish Job Interview Outfits for Women 2014
You don't have to be a fashionista to put together a stylish, modern interview wardrobe. Here are some tips on stylish job interview outfits for women.

Teen Interview Attire - What Not to Wear
Images of what NOT to wear on a teen job interview.

Warm Weather Job Interview Attire
What to wear to a job interview so you can stay cool in warm weather, including interview attire for men and women and tips for keeping it cool when it's hot outside.

Wearing Pantyhose to Job Interviews
Advice on when to wear pantyhose to work or to job interviews and when it's appropriate to skip the legwear.

What Colors to Wear to a Job Interview
How to dress for a job interview - the appropriate attire for an interview for employment.

What to Wear to a Job Interview at Starbucks
Here's what to wear to a Starbucks job interview, plus interview tips.

What to Wear to a Job Interview at Target
Have an upcoming interview at a Target store? Here's how you should dress.

What to Wear to a Job Interview at Victoria's Secret
Here's what to wear to a Victoria's Secret job interview, plus tips and advice for interviewing for Victoria's Secrets jobs.

Worst Job Interview Outfits
When you are dressing for a job interview, what you wear makes a difference. What's the worst interview outfit you've seen (or worn)?

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