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Top 10 Interview Mistakes


Top 10 Interview Mistakes
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I've spoken to job seekers who didn't have a clue that it wasn't a good idea to bring a cup of coffee with them to a job interview. I even heard from a student recently whose mom wanted to come to the interview with him. That's definitely not a good idea.

However, some of the interview mistakes job seekers make aren't as obvious. Here are the top 10 interview mistakes job seekers make so you can avoid making them.

Top 10 Interview Mistakes

  1. Not dressing appropiately.
  2. Not turning off your phone.
  3. Not knowing the interviewer's name.
  4. Not bringing extra copies of your resume.
  5. Not bringing a list of references.
  6. Not making eye contact with the interviwer.
  7. Criticizing your prior bosses and companies.
  8. Not remembering your work history.
  9. Asking about salary.
  10. Not sending a thank you note after the interviewer.

More Interview Mistakes

What do you think is the top interview mistake you can make? Take a look at more top interview mistakes and bad interview stories and add yours to the list.

Top 10 Interview Tips

These top interview tips will help you cover everything you need to know to successfully ace a job interview. From checking out the company to sending an interview thank you note, these job interview tips cover all the basics needed for interviewing success.

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