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Funny Interview Mistakes

Top Funny Interview Mistakes


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Interviews can go really wrong really fast. Sometimes, you can knock yourself out of contention for the job before you even get a chance to introduce yourself. It could be wearing the wrong interview clothes or talking on the phone or chewing gum or even having beer cans fall out of your backpack at the worst possible time.

Some interview mistakes are embarrassing, others could have been easily prevented, and some are funny later - even if they weren't funny during the job interview.

How Not to Impress the Interviewer

One of the funniest interviews, looking back, that I ever conducted when I was a hiring manager involved an applicant for a top level finance position who started taking off his shirt to show me the scars from a boating accident he was in. He wanted to show me why he had been out of a work.

It wasn't funny then. I couldn't imagine why he was starting to get undressed in my office. Years later though, it still makes my list of the top interview mistakes I've seen.

The young woman in the really short dress that impressed all the men in the office comes to mind, as well. She looked like she was dressed for a night on the town, not a job interview. In a similar interviewing situation, a woman, dressed in a cocktail dress and chewing gum while interviewing for a job at a college didn't make a good impression the person who interviewed her.

Funny Interview Stories

Our site visitors have shared some of their funny interviewing stories. They include just about everything that a job seeker can do to ensure they don't get a job offer. What's refreshing when reading these (real) job interview mistakes is that the candidates for employment who shared there stories, didn't mind acknowledging that they messed up and that they saw the humor in an interview gone bad.

Here's some of the funny interview mistakes that made the list:

Funny Interview Mistakes

  • Wearing a little red dress that was way too little
  • Wearing sunglasses and shorts to the interview and intimidating the interviewer
  • Telling the hiring manager about getting in a fight with a co-worker in the parking lot
  • Ask for cab fare for the ride home
  • Joking about the salary offered
  • Going to an interview with wet hair
  • Forgetting to fasten your belt
  • Having cans of beer fall out of your backpack - especially when you're interviewing for a job with at risk youth
  • Telling the interviewer you need the job so you can buy a car
  • Gas - right in the middle of the interview
  • Asking the interviewer if you'd be drug tested
  • Telling the hiring manager you're motivated by orange juice

More Funny Interview Mistakes

Have you seen or made an interview mistake that was funny? Or was funny after the fact, even if it wasn't funny at the time? Read about funny interview mistakes and add your interview mistakes to the list.

Worst Interview Mistakes

Have you seen an interview gone wrong? Add your top interview mistake to our list (and if you were the one who blew the interview, you don't have to admit to it being you!). We all make mistakes, but, at the least, we can learn from it and do better next time around.

Top 10 Interview Mistakes

Here are some more interview mistakes candidates for employment make including not taking the time to preparing - and not having a clue about your prospective employer, dressing the wrong way, saying the wrong thing, talking too much - or not talking enough.

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