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What to Wear for a WalMart Interview


What to Wear for a WalMart Interview
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Have an interview at WalMart or Kmart or another major retailer coming up? Not sure what to wear? When you go to your interview, make sure you make the best possible impression. Dress neatly and appropriately, and you will convey competence, and reliability.

Interview Options for Men and Women

Choose neat, clean, well fitting khakis or slacks. Men can wear a button down or pullover shirt, with or without a collar.

Options for Women

Women also have the option of wearing a skirt or dress, keeping the hemline and neckline conservative (check the length of your skirt while sitting also, to be sure it's not too short). For women, a blouse, T-shirt, or sweater is appropriate. Keep the color and pattern conservative, and avoid concert T's or ones that have sayings on them.

It's a good idea to keep jewelry (including studs and rings in piercings) minimal, and cover tattoos as much as possible. These can distract the interviewer, and jeopardize your chances of getting the job. In cooler weather you will want a jacket or sweater in a traditional style and color.

What to Bring to the Interview

It's a good idea to bring a pad of paper, and a working pen to write down anything you need to remember (perhaps the interviewers name and title, your start date and time, or the time of a second interview). It's also a good place to write down things you want to remember to tell the interviewer, like your available hours, or any particular experiences you feel will help you get the job (remind the interviewer of your experience in a particular department at your last job, for example).

Get Ready in Advance

Freshly showered, light on the fragrance, clean breath (throw out the gum or finish the mint before you step inside), appropriately dressed, and on time, you will be confident and prepared to answer any questions the interviewer may have.

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