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How to List College on Your Resume When You Didn't Graduate

Options for Handling College Credit Without a Degree on your Resume


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Not sure how to list the college coursework you have accumulated on your resume if you never finished your degree? Here are a few options for letting employers know you have amassed some credits, even though you didn't graduate from college.

Option 1
List the name of your college, and optionally, the location, the years attended and the number of credits completed.

Union College, Schenectady, NY, 2008-10, completed 42 credits


Union College
Schenectady, NY

You can also mention the focus of your studies if it is related to your employment objective and the number of credits completed in that discipline e.g. completed 36 credits, including 16 credits in business.

Option 2
Another option, if the coursework is related to your objective, is to list some of your coursework that is related to the job for which you are applying.

Related Coursework:
Accounting 1 and 2
Marketing, Finance and Human Resource Management

Option 3
Yet another possibility is to actually describe any course projects which are related to your target job. Candidates are more likely to take this approach if they don't possess much or any related work experience.

For example, a person who is aiming for a job with a focus on information technology might describe a programming project or a project which involved the creation of a complex Excel database.

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