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Human Resources Jobs

Human Resources Specialist
A human resources specialist helps companies and other organizations find the most qualified job candidates and matches them to the jobs for which they are best suited. She then helps her employer retain these employees.

Career Profile: Human Resources Assistant
Profile of careers in Human Resources from the About.com Guide to Career Planning.

CUPA JobLine
College and university personnel positions.

HRIM: Job Central
International and US job listings by region or search by keyword.

HR Job List
Human Resources job listings. From NationJob Network.

HR Job Openings
Search by geographic location, by job title or by date of post or sign up to receive JobList email announcements. From the Society for Human Resources Management.

Human Resource Online
Post your resume, search jobs, and a special entry-level jobs bulletin board.

Search jobs and use the job agent to have job listings sent to you via email.

Job Postings for Benefits & HR Professional

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