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How to Quit a Job via Email

What to Say When You Have to Quit Your Job via Email


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Email isn't really the best way to quit your job, unless you work remotely. However, sometimes circumstances are such that using email to quit your job is unavoidable, especially if you're not going to be in the office or if there is a difficult situation at work. Here's how to quit a job via email.

Even if you do quit your job via email, giving two weeks notice is standard practice. However, if going into the office isn't feasible, you may not be able to provide notice.

What To Include in Your Email Message

When you quit a job using email, there is information you will need to include in your email message:

  • Subject Line: Resignation - Your Name
  • The date your resignation is effective.
  • What the company should do with your final paycheck, if it's not direct deposited and you are not returning to work.
  • Any questions you may have regarding compensation and benefits.
  • How the company can contact you, if necessary.

How to Send an Email to Quit Your Job

If circumstances are such that you need to send a resignation email, use this quit a job email message sample to notify your employer that you are leaving.

Review a full size resignation email message, more resignation letter samples and information on writing a resignation letter.

Advice on Quitting Your Job

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