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How to Quit a Job

How to quit a job, including the top reasons for quitting a job, how to quit a job in-person, via email, or over the phone. Plus, advice and tips on how to quit a job gracefully and how to say goodbye when you leave your job.

I Quit! How to Resign from Your Job
It isn't easy to resign. Even if you hate your job, hate your boss and can't wait to start that new job, or you if are about to be fired, it can be difficult to resign tactfully. First of all, be sure that you really do want to quit. Then, handle your resignation as carefully as you would handle any other business endeavor.

Resignation Questions and Answers
Answers to the most frequently asked questions about resigning from a job.

How to Quit Your Job via Email
Email isn't really the best way to quit your job, unless you work remotely. However, sometimes circumstances are such that using email to quit your job is unavoidable, especially if you're not going to be in the office or if there is a difficult situation at work. Here's how to quit a job via email.

What to Say When You Quit a Job
Here's information on what to say when you quit your job in-person or write a resignation letter, as well as what you can expect to hear from your supervisor when you resign.

How to Quit Job Over the Phone
Quitting a job over the phone isn't the most polite way to quit. However, if you are unable to resign in person, quitting over the phone or via email is alternative. Here's how to quit a job over the phone.

When You Are Asked to Resign
When you are not performing at your job or if the company no longer needs you, you may be asked to resign. It can come down to being asked to resign versus being fired. Here's advice on what should you do if you are asked to resign.

Resignation Etiquette Tips
When you tender your resignation from employment, paying attention to proper resignation etiquette is important, because how you leave your job can impact your future employment. Here are resignation etiquette tips and advice for resigning with class.

Reasons for Leaving a Job
Here's a list of reasons for leaving your job you can use to tell your manager why you're leaving and share with prospective employers. There's both good and bad reasons, which you shouldn't use, on the list.

Should You Quit Before You Get Fired?
If you're concerned about getting fired, does it make sense to quit before the company can fire you? Here are the pros and cons of resigning before you're terminated.

Tips for Quitting Your Job
Thinking about quitting your job? Here are tips for quitting your job, including advice on deciding to quit, how to resign with class, how to quit over the phone or by email, how to write a resignation letter, what to do if you are asked to quit your job, and more tips on quitting your job.

Top Reasons to Quit a Job
Before you quit a job, you should be very sure that you want to quit. Keep in mind that this is a tough job market. That said, there are legitimate reasons for quitting your job. Here are good reasons you can use to quit your job.

Job Interview Answer: Why Did You Quit Your Job
Did you quit your job? Don't know how to answer the interview question "Why are you quitting your job?" or Why did you quit your job?" These suggested interview answers with help you prepare to answer the question.

Unemployment When You Quit Your Job
In most cases, if you quit voluntarily you are not eligible for unemployment. However, if you quit for good cause you may be able to collect unemployment benefits. Here's more on unemployment when you quit your job.

Can I Get Unemployment If I Quit?
One of the questions I'm asked quite often is can I get unemployment if I quit a job? When you quit your job you may not be eligible for unemployment benefits. In most cases, if you quit you are not eligible for unemployment. However, if you left for a good reason you may be able to collect.

Quit a Job Email Message Sample
Sample email message to use to quit a job.

When Can I Leave My First Job?
Here's information on what to say when you quit your job in-person or write a resignation letter, as well as what you can expect to hear from your supervisor when you resign.

How to Say Goodbye
You have found a new job and you're ready to give two-weeks notice to your current employer. What's the best way to say good-bye? The first step is to let your boss know that you're resigning. Next, you will want to say farewell to your co-workers.

Quit a Job Stories
Have you quit a job? What happened? How did you quit? What did you say? Share your story of quitting your job and read how others handled it. This is an opportunity to read and share your experiences with other readers just like you.

Reasons to Quit Your Job
Review the top reasons to quit your job and add your advice on the best reasons for quitting a job to the list.

Quitting Definition
Quitting a job is the act of resigning from employment. Quitting a job involves providing notice to your employer that you are leaving.

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