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How to Follow Up After Submitting a Resume


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You have sent a resume to a company you'd like to interview with and you haven't heard back right away. What do you do next? You can either wait patiently, presuming the employer will contact you if they are interested, or you can choose to follow-up with the employer.

How to Follow Up

If you don't hear back from within two weeks, it may be beneficial to follow-up. Employers and recruiters may prefer follow-up by email. If no email address is listed, try sending a note or calling. If neither email, address or a phone number are listed, or the posting says not to contact the employer, following the instructions and don't follow up.

What to Ask

  • What are the next steps in the recruiting process? Will all candidates be contacted?
  • Do you need any additional information about my candidacy? (Or briefly share new info that adds to your candidacy.)
  • If you plan to visit the company’s location, mention the time frame and your eagerness to meet – ask if it’s possible to arrange an interview during your visit.

Sample Follow Up Letters

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