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Career Transitions

Career Service Tools at the Library


Career Transitions is an online job search and career exploration tool that job seekers can access free through local public libraries. Career Transitions helps job seekers with all the major steps of the employment process - from searching for jobs and exploring careers to resume and cover letter wirting, interview practice and applying for jobs.

To find out if your library provides access to the site call the library or visit your local library's website to see if they have purchased Career Transitions. If the library has purchased the product users may be able to access Career Transitions from home through the library's website.

Career Transitions is site is divided into two categories: resources for finding a new job and resources for finding a new career.

Career Transitions Job Search Tool

For job seekers, Career Transitions has a basic job search tool, resume and cover letter builders (with samples of each), and interview simulations. There are also videos and articles that accompany most of these resources, and a "Daily Leap" blog and daily video that address a variety of job and career information.

Career Transitions Career Tools

If you are exploring new career options, you begin with a survey to assess career interests, and then browse a variety of career paths, get information on average salary, current numbers employed, and percent growth of each career.

If you are changing careers, you can match their previous experience to new careers, and search for schools and programs related to the new career.

More Library Job Help Options

In addition to Career Transitions, local libraries often offer other resources for job seekers. You will find more online career resources, a collection of job search and career related books, and job search classes and workshops.

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