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Online Job Search Guide


Here are all the resources you'll need for a successful online job search including how to write resumes and cover letters, where to look for jobs, how to conduct a job search, the best way to use networking and social media to job search, how to interview successfully and negotiate compensation, and how to research employment related benefits and legal matters.

How to Find a Job

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How to find job listings, networking, using a headhunter, and more job advice on how and where to job search.

Build Your Professional Brand

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Professional branding is important for everyone who is job searching. It's important to create a personal brand that portrays you in a professional light and showcases your credentials.

Fast Track Your Job Search

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What can you do when you have to find a job fast? It's not easy, but there are steps you can take to expedite your job search. Spending some time to get your job search in order, keeping it organized, focused, and on the fast track will help you find a job faster than if you don't have a plan in place.

Create a Resume

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Your resume needs to be professional and polished, because if you don't have a professional resume, your application materials probably won't get a second glance from a hiring manager. Here's how to write a resume.

Write Compelling Cover Letters

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It's important to write a customized cover letter for each job you apply for. Here's what to include in your cover letter, how to write a cover letter, cover letter format, targeted cover letters, and cover letter samples and examples.

Use the Best Job Search Websites

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Don't post your resume on every job search website or try to use all of them to job search. Instead, speed up your job search by using the job search engines to search for jobs across the Internet. Select niche sites, which are job sites focused on a specific industry or career field, and local job sites that are match for the types of job you want and where you want to work.

Connect With Your Network

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Your networking is a critical component of your job search. Career and job search networking can help you find employment opportunities and build your career. Here's how to network your way to a new job or career.

Get Recommendations

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References - good or bad - can be what determines if you get a job offer. Here's what job seekers need to know about references, including information on reference and recommendation letters, sample letters of recommendation and reference lists, how to ask for a reference, and how to use references.

Ace the Interview

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Successful interviewing is essential to getting a job offer. That means practicing interview questions and answers, dressing in appropriate interview attire, and, being able to present your skills and experience to a prospective employer.

Get Paid What You're Worth

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Here's what you need to know to get paid what you're worth, including salary information, salary surveys, negotiation strategies, salary tools, and more resources to research how much you should be paid and how to negotiate a compensation offer.

Find Out About Employee Benefits / Rights

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In addition to the benefits package you may be offered when you're hired, find out about the employment-related benefits that you may be eligible for when you resign, get fired, or get laid-off from your job. Here's information on unemployment, giving notice, writing a resignation letter, health insurance, retirement plans, workers compensation, disability, references and more resources for people who are changing jobs.

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