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Best Job Search Tips

Top Tips for a Winning Job Searching


Searching for a new job? These top job search tips include tips for resume writing, cover letters, curriculum vitae, interviewing, phone interviews, working at home, online job searching, using your network, and more advice to help you find a new job fast.

Top 10 Resume Writing Tips

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Review these top resume tips for choosing a resume format, selecting a resume font, customizing your resume, using resume keywords, explaining employment gaps, and more tips for writing interview winning resumes.

Top 10 Cover Letter Tips

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When you need to write a cover letter, it's sometimes the small things that make a big difference. Review these cover letter tips and techniques for writing top notch cover letters to send with your resume, including cover letter format and presentation, choosing a type of cover letter, writing custom cover letters, and cover letter examples and templates.

Top CV Writing Tips

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Writing a CV can be trickier than writing a resume, because the format changes depending on what type of position you are applying for, where you are located, and what you need to include in your CV. Here's more on using a curriculum vitae template, writing covering letters for curriculum vitae, formatting your CV, what to include in a CV, and more CV writing tips and examples.

Best Job Interview Tips

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These top interview tips will help you cover everything you need to know to successfully ace a job interview. From checking out the company to sending an interview thank you note, these job interview tips cover all the basics needed for interviewing success.

Top 10 Social Networking Tips


These top 10 tips for social networking when you're job searching will help you market yourself effectively, connect with people who can help with your job search, and job search on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more social networking sites.

Top 10 Thank You Letter Tips

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It's always important to say thank you after a job interview and after a second interview, as well. It's also important to thank everyone you interviewed with and everyone who assisted with your job search. Here are some tips on who you should thank and the best way to thank them.

Top Ten Steps to Find a New Job

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Ten steps you can take to find a new job, including where to look for jobs, the top job sites, how to use your connections, how to ace the interview, and how to follow up.

Top 10 Job Search Do's and Don'ts

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Every part of what you do when you job search, including looking for job postings, writing cover letters, dressing for an interview, sending a thank you note, job searching (or not) from work, and using social media can make - or break - your job search.

10 Tips to Unstick Your Job Search

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When your job search is stalled there are ways to unstick it and get back on track. It can be as simple as making sure you are finding the right opportunities to apply to, or as complicated as having to reconsider your career options.

10 Tips to Speed Up Your Job Search

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Is your job search off to a slow start or getting stuck? Here are some quick time-saving job search tips that will help your hunt for a new job go smoothly.

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