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Employment FAQs

Frequently asked questions and answers including information on job applications, resumes, cover letters, interviews, workplace issues, benefits, wages and salary, and more employment issues.
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  2. Employee Benefits FAQs
  3. How Much Do Jobs Pay?
  4. Unemployment FAQs
  5. Wages and Salary FAQs
  6. Workplace Issues
  7. Cover Letter FAQs (11)
  8. Job Applicant FAQs (42)
  9. Job Interview FAQs (19)
  10. Reference FAQs (10)
  11. Resume FAQs (15)
  12. Termination FAQs (22)

Can an Employer Ask for Your Social Security Number?
Information on when employers can ask for social security numbers, how to make sure the company is legitimate and how to avoid scams.

Can an Employer Change My Job Description?
Can your employer change your job description after you have been working at the job? In many cases, they can. Here's information on when an employer can change job duties.

Can Staying With a Company Hurt Your Career?
Information on when staying at a company can hurt your career, how long is too long to stay in a job, and how to handle moving on.

Do I Get Paid For Working on a Holiday?
Information on requirements for working on a holiday, getting paid for working on a holiday, and holiday time off from work.

Do I Have to Give Two Weeks Notice?
It's standard practice to give two weeks notice when you're quitting a job, but there are circumstances when you may not be able to give advance notice. Here are reasons not to give notice.

Do I Have to Use All My Vacation Time?
Can an employer make you take your vacation or you'll lose it? Can you get paid for unused vacation time? Here's more on use it or lose it vacation policies.

How Can I Avoid Employment Scams?
Here's information about job scams including how to check out job listings, how to avoid employment scams, and where to find lists of scams.

How Can I Avoid Identity Theft?
Identity theft protection for job seekers, including information on common employment-related scams, how to avoid scams, how to protect your identity from being stolen, and what to do if you have been scammed.

How Can I Handle a Demotion?
How to handle a demotion, including deciding to stay with your current employer, starting a job search and tips for moving on.

How Do I Follow Up After Submitting a Resume?
Here are options for following up after submitting a resume for a job.

How Do I Send an Email Cover Letter?
The most important part of sending an email cover letter is to follow the employer's instructions. Here's how.

How Long Should An Employee Stay at a Job?
How long should an employee stay at a job? When can job hopping negatively impact your employment prospects? Here's information on when is a good time to change jobs.

How Many Hours a Week is Full Time Employment?
Not sure how many hours a week you are expected to work when you are a full time employee? Here's information on full time employment, including laws regulating hours worked, hours companies expect employees to work and overtime pay requirements.

How Much is Minimum Wage?
Information on minimum wage, including federal and state minimum wage laws and exceptions where employers do not have to pay minimum wage to employees.

How Often Do People Change Jobs?
Information on the number of times people change jobs during their career.

How Should I Resign from My Job?
How to resign from your job, includes free sample resignation letters.

How Should I Resign for Personal Reasons?
Tips and advice for how to resign from a job for personal reasons, including what to tell your boss and sample resignation letters.

How Should I Send My Resume?
Not sure how to send your resume to employers? Here's advice on how to send a resume via email including what file format to use and how to send an attachment.

How to Ask to Work Remotely
Tips and advice for asking your boss if you can work remotely.

Resignation FAQs
Answers to the most frequently asked questions about resigning from a job.

My Boss Doesn't Like Me. What Can I Do?
Advice on what you can do when your boss doesn't like you.

Should I Get a LinkedIn Premium Account?
Should you get a Linkedin premium account? Information on the features and benefits of LinkedIn premium accounts for job seekers.

Should I Reapply to the Same Company?
Advice on reapplying for a job with a company which has rejected you in the past.

Types of Work Schedules
Work schedules vary based on the employer and the job. Here's information on the different types of work schedules including hours and requirements.

What Are Unemployment Benefit Disqualifications?
Eligibility for unemployment benefits isn't automatic. There are reasons that your unemployment claim can be denied and that you can be disqualified from collecting unemployment.

What Breaks From Work Am I Entitled To?
Information on breaks from work, including when employers have to provide employees with lunch and rest breaks.

What Can Employers Say About Former Employees?
One of the questions I get asked frequently is "What can an employer say about former employees?" Some job seekers presume that companies can only legally release dates of employment, salary, and your job title. However, that's not the case.

What Happens To the Benefits Provided by my Employer If I Leave My Job?
What happens to the benefits provided by my current employer if I leave my job? That's a good question and one a lot of visitors to my About.com site ask. In fact, it's a question everyone should be able to answer before they leave a job.

What is a Casual Worker?
A casual worker is a temporary employee who works on an irregular basis on an on-call or as-needed basis.

What is a Returnship?
A returnship is an internship for professionals returning to the workforce after a period of unemployment.

What is Age Discrimination?
Watch this video from About.com to learn what to do if you feel that you are being discriminated against because of your age.

What Is an I-9 Verification Form?
Watch this About.com video to learn what is required to properly fill out the I-9 verification form for a job position.

What is Collective Bargaining?
Collective bargaining is the process in which a group of employees and an employer or employers undergo negotiations for the regulation of workplace conditions.

What is Employee Engagement?
Employee engagement, also known as worker engagement, is a measurement of an employee’s emotional attachment to his position, coworkers, and company.

What Is Included in an Employment Background Check
Employers often do a background check as part of the hiring process, and there's some information that cannot be disclosed without your consent. This About.com video shows what information isn't released during a background check.

What is Recruitment?
Recruitment is one of the steps in the hiring process that companies use to recruit and hire employees.

What is the Fair Labor Standards Act?
The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) provides for minimum standards for wages and overtime, and details how covered worktime must be paid.

What is the Minimum Wage?
Information on what the minimum wage is, how much employees who are paid the minimum wage earn and which workers can be paid less than the minimum.

What Should You Do if Your Job Is Advertised?
What should you do if you see a job that sounds exactly like yours advertised by your employer? Here's what to do if your job is advertised.

When to Apologize at Work
Tips and advice for apologizing to an employer during a job search or at work, plus examples of apology letters for a variety of circumstances.

Employee Rights FAQs
List of frequently asked questions about employee rights including employment regulations and labor law which provide protection for job seekers and employees.

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