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Job Search on Facebook

Job searching on Facebook, job search Facebook Apps, and Facebook Groups you can join to get job search advice, information, and leads.

Facebook and Job Search Privacy Tips
If you are a Facebook user and are concerned about employers (or others) seeing the personal information that you have on Facebook, you can change your privacy settings so only certain people, like your friends or other students, can view your profile.

Facebook and Professional Networking
Should you use Facebook for professional networking, and, if so, what is the best way to use it?

Facebook.com and SimplyHired.com
Simply Hired's Facebook application provides a way for job seekers to view job openings at their friends' companies and to send messages to their friends at those companies to see if they can help with their job search.

Fired for Facebook
Information on getting fired for posting on Facebook and other online sites. Advice for employees and employers on what employees can post on Facebook and other social media sites, along with the issues employers needs to be aware of when creating social media policies.

Job Search Facebook Apps
Just about everyone is using Facebook for personal networking, but you can use it for professional networking, as well. You can take advantage of all those friends you have and use Facebook Applications to enhance your job search.

Facebook Graph Search for Job Searching
How to use Facebook Graph Search for job searching and networking with your friends and friends of friends.

How to Find Facebook Job Search Apps
Here's how to find job search Facebook apps and how to add them to your Facebook page.

About.com Job Search Facebook Page
Get job search and career advice, tips, and techniques on Facebook.

BranchOut Facebook App
BranchOut is a Facebook app that lets you use Facebook for career networking. When you install BranchOut you have the option to import information from your LinkedIn profile, so you can easily create a professional profile on Facebook without having to edit your Facebook page.

Monster's Facebook app BeKnown provides an easy way for job seekers to search for and apply for jobs without leaving Facebook. Once you've set up a profile, you can view and apply for jobs, see company information, get endorsed, and apply for jobs directly from the app. Even better, you're automatically matched with jobs, based on the...

CareerBuilder Facebook App
CareerBuilder Facebook app users can have updated job and internship postings delivered directly from CareerBuilder to their Facebook profiles.

Facebook Marketplace Jobs
Facebook's Marketplace has a Jobs section, where job seekers can search for jobs directly on Facebook by location, keyword, job title, industry, company, and type of position.

Hire My Friend Facebook App
Hire My Friend is a Facebook app that enables you to help your friends who are job searching.

IngBoo Facebook App
IngBoo provides a place in Facebook for job seekers to organize their job searches and stay on top of new job listings without leaving Facebook.

Jobvite Facebook App
Jobvite's Work With Us application displays jobs on profile or fan pages. Users can browse interesting opportunities at companies where friends work, apply to the jobs and send Jobvites to their own friends and contacts.

LinkUp Facebook App
LinkUp’s Facebook App places a jobs widget on a company’s Facebook wall, as well as a separate Jobs tab on the company Fan Page that lists all of the current job listings from the company’s corporate website. When Facebook users click on a job listing on Facebook, they are directed to the job listing on the company’s website to apply.

Salary Calculator Facebook App
Looking for salary information? Job Search Intelligence has two Facebook apps, a salary calculator and a major calculator, that enable job seekers to compare salaries and to find information on top-paying careers.

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