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Headhunter.com is a job site for management and executive-level job applicants developed by CareerBuilder.com. Headhunter connects upper level professionals with exclusive positions, and also provides an ad-free environment and competitive data reports. This is a free site, unlike some other executive job sites which charge job seekers to access job listings

Job Search on Headhunter:

Job seekers can search for jobs by keyword or location, upload their resume, and apply to jobs directly on Headhunter. Headhunter also recommends jobs for users based on keywords in the resumes they upload and the job listings they look at and apply for.

Headhunter Job Competition Report:

Headhunter provides applicants with a “job competition report” for each job to which they apply. The report includes charts documenting competitors’ past experiences, desired salaries, former employers, education levels, and alma maters. The report helps users to better understand the job market and to decide whether they are undervaluing or overvaluing themselves and their experience.

Headhunter for Employers:

Headhunter caters to applicants with over seven years of management experience, employers are likely to get a good pool qualified applicants.

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