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Equine Jobs

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Equine Jobs
For those of us who aren't small enough or brave enough to become a jockey, there are a variety of career options. All equines need veterinary care and a farrier on a regular basis. Horses also need grooms, horses and riders need trainers, and farms need managers and stable help.

Equine Jobs at the Race Track
There are a variety of equine jobs available at the race track or working with trainers and horse owners. Here's advice on how to find them.

Chronicle Classifieds
The weekly classifieds from the Chronicle include employment ads.

Equine Pros
A national employment agency exclusively geared to the equestrian market, worldwide.

Equine World UK
International job openings and job wanted postings.

Equine Site: Employment
New England area equine employment.

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Horses Classifieds
Search the ads or place a free listing.

Web Pony Classifieds
Jobs for horse people.

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