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One Day, One Job


One Day, One Job
One Day, One Job

One Day, One Job Overview:

One Day, One Job is a blog about entry-level jobs written by Willy Franzen. Every day, One Day, One Job takes a look at one employer and the jobs that they are offering for recent college graduates.

One Day, One Job prides itself on providing information on jobs that "you may never think to look for," and also provides tips for how college students can use the Internet to find great information about exciting entry-level jobs.
One Day, One Job

One Day, One Internship:

One Day, One Job also offers internship advice for those "not quite ready for an entry-level job" at One Day, One Internship.
One Day, One Internship

One Day, One Job Tools:

Users do not apply for jobs through One Day, One Job, but the site shows you how to apply to all of the companies they feature, and provides links so that users can learn more on their own. One neat feature that One Day, One Job offers is their search option, "Do I Know Anyone at (any company)? - Check LinkedIn | Check Facebook" which makes it easy for users to utilize their own networks to find a job.

The information provided by One Day, One Job is open to all. The site does not require registration, although you can sign up for to receive information by RSS feed, email, or on Facebook.

One Day, One Job For Employers:

Employer options include a page written, in the tone and format of One Day, One Job’s daily blog posts, about the company and its entry level job opportunities.
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