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Collaborating with faculty and student advisors, AfterCollege is an online career network that helps students and recent graduates find entry-level jobs.

Career Networks on AfterCollege:

While students can search for jobs and internships on AfterCollege’s general database, the career network also contains career networks for over 6,700 academic departments and campus and professional organizations. Students and alumni of a particular academic department can access their specific career network (or “niche job board”) on AfterCollege’s database, gaining access to jobs specific to their interests and academic background

AfterCollege.com Tools:

After creating an account on AfterCollege, users can sign up for their specific career network (as of now, users can only join on career network at a time) and save jobs to their page. Users can download their resume, or create one using AfterCollege’s profile tool. AfterCollege also allows members to request recommendations from professors, advisors, and classmates, and post them on their profile.

Who Can Use AfterCollege?:

AfterCollege is free for students, student organizations, and academic departments.

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