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Job Interview Answer: Why Did You Choose Your Major?


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When you are applying for an entry level position a typical job interview question is "Why did you choose your major?"

Here are sample interview answers which you can edit to fit your personal experiences and background:

  • I chose to be a nutritionist because I have always felt poor eating habits came from poor knowledge. I wanted to help people get healthy by teaching them about food, not telling them what they can and cannot eat. As an exercise science/nutrition major, I became an expert on getting and staying healthy and I cannot wait to work with clients.
  • I decided to get my degree in elementary education because teaching was something that has always come naturally to me. I have always enjoyed spending time with children and when I am in the classroom I do not feel like I am working because I love being there!
  • Being a writer is something I always dreamed of doing. However, I did not know exactly what type of writing I wanted to do and how I was going to make it my career. When I was deciding on where to focus my studies in college, I choose to follow the professional writing degree program. I knew from the very first intro class that it was the major for me. I have graduated with such a vast range of experience and knowledge. I feel just as comfortable writing for a newspaper as I do writing a speech for a politician.

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