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Job Interview Answer: Are Your Grades a Good Indication of Your Achievement?


Job Interview Answer: Are Your Grades a Good Indication of Your Achievement?
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When you are applying for an entry level position a typical job interview question is "Do you think that your grades are a good indication of your academic achievement?"

Here are sample interview answers which you can edit to fit your personal experiences and background:

  • My grades are a good indication of my academic achievement, but in a way you may not expect. The improvement that you will see over four years of college does not show lack of achievement in those early semesters. Rather, it shows the effects of finding an area of study that I was passionate about and good at.
  • Yes, I feel my grades are a very accurate indication of my success in college and graduate school. I took my academics very seriously and worked very hard for the grades I received. I am proud of the achievements I have made.
  • My grades are not a good indication of what I achieved academically in college. Not because I got bad grades, but because the fieldwork and internships that I participated in are where I achieved the most academically. If you want to "see" my achievements, I will share my journals and tell you about my experiences.

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